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SuperSpot Tree Marking Paint (Does not ship)

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Use Super Spot Tree Marking Paint with the Nel-Spot Marking Guns to get a bright, economical mark. Made specifically for the forest industry since 1940, non-settling Super Spot eliminates the messy job of stirring, straining, thinning, and transferring of paint, saving time and money. Gallon oblong screw top cans.Nelson Super Spot Tree Marking Paint.

Resists settling, even after long storage. Requires minimal stirring or straining and helps eliminate plugged guns and wasted paint. High visibility, does not absorb into bark. Visibility of smaller marks, even at a distance, is greater than large marks with ordinary tree marking paints. Long lasting, no re-marking problems. Quality-controlled and carefully checked to assure consistent high quality. Solvent-based paint. 

Available in quart size
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